Meet Noni, a cannabis advocate, content strategist, comedian & drag performer. Among all of her passions, Noni is also passionate about breaking the stigma around cannabis and shedding light on all of its incredible health benefits! Get to know Noni in our Kindred Spirits interview below.

Tell us a little bit about you! 
Fun fact: My first job was as a sports journalist & photographer – but I don’t even like sports and I’m legally blind!
When I was a little child I always wanted to be a writer – and BOOM – it’s happened.
My hobbies include cycling, reading, reading, and watching movies/TV series based on books I’ve read. Also, photography.
Professional Life: cannabis advocate – content strategist – comedian – drag performer
Why do you take the Kindred Capsules?
I have RA and SLE Lupus – 4 years ago after going through chemo, I wanted medicines that didn’t make me non-functional and unable to eat. A friend suggested I try edibles – funny enough that day I learned to not take a 10mg gummy and try to go shopping – I spent 10+ minutes playing with pretty sparkly yarn in Michael’s, and I don’t knit! But, I wasn’t in pain and I had a full meal that day, so it was still a win.
How has cannabis increased the quality of your life?
I am able to have a full-time career and an active life. I used to have to choose work or life if I went to work -that’s all I could handle for a day, I was lucky to make it through an 8 hour work day. Now I have been able to work, perform after work and see friends and family. My quality of life is 1000% better.
What is your FAVORITE cannabis consumption method?
In order: Capsules, edibles, breathe strips, tinctures.
How often do you use cannabis and why do you use it?
I consume cannabis nightly. Only on bad days (meaning my mobility is lacking due to extreme flare-ups) do I consume during the daytime. At those moments – I reach for the Kindred breath strips to keep going.
What do you like about Kindred?
The capsules are a clean edible option – no sugars, dyes, etc.
The breath strips are perfect for micro-dosing to get through the day and convenient to travel with during the daytime. Plus – great breath!