Mischela |  “Misch” / Coffee Bar Owner / Cannabis Advocate

So why Cannabis?

For me, cannabis started as a cure to insomnia. Most of my life I can remember having trouble getting to sleep, even at a young age. My mind would just start running a million miles per minute when my head hit the pillow. I tried natural sleep aids, on and off, and I went through a period of abusing Advil PM, which I regret. Melatonin worked okay for me for a while, but even that gave me side effects. It wasn’t until after college that I finally came around to trying cannabis. It was recommended to me by a friend, and out of desperation to find rest I tried it, and it worked wonderfully.

“It has become a very helpful tool for me to cope with anxiety and stress.”

Today, cannabis means so much more to me than it did in the beginning. It has become a very helpful tool for me to cope with anxiety and stress. Of course, it’s not a cure-all, nothing is, but I’m excited that we are learning more about this plant and its health benefits, and that we as a society are finally having positive conversations about cannabis.

I’m excited to participate in breaking the stigma around cannabis. It provides true relief, helps the mind and the body, and it’s natural. That’s what really gets me about the plant, is – it’s a plant! The opioid epidemic is real, and I strongly feel that had cannabis become legal and had we educated ourselves on its benefits earlier, we could have possibly avoided, or at least lessened, this new drug problem. We fought the wrong drug war here in the U.S. and let corporations have a say in our healthcare system. Now that we’re learning better, I want to help show others that cannabis indeed can have positive effects not only on individual lives, but on communities and the economy.