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Our sativa series ignites the spirit, providing a creative, uplifting and cerebral experience.

The best kind of head high. Feel euphoric creativity influence your thoughts and mental disposition. Begin a day of imaginative endeavors with Kindred Mind your brain will thank you.

For Kindred Spirits Seeking:

• Exploration
• Outside activity
• Productivity
• Late nights
• Energy boosts
• Cerebral highs
• Uplifting feelings
• Creativity sparks
• Increased focus
• Depression remedies



It is not uncommon to see cannabis and cannabis products divided into one of three categories: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Typically, these categorical labels are used to organize strains that share similar make-ups and characteristics, as well as products made using those specific strains.

Sativa cannabis is a group of cannabis subspecies that typically includes tall, narrow-leafed varieties. They are also referred to as narrow-leaf drug (NLD) varieties and often contain a higher ratio of THC to CBD. Within the category of sativa cannabis, various strains boast their unique qualities and consumer-preferred used. 

Sativa cannabis is regularly selected by consumers searching for an “uplifting high,” a mental boost that helps fuel their desired activities. For this reason, sativas are often associated with morning or daytime enjoyment. Also, many consumers choose sativa to complement artistic endeavors because they say it offers a one-of-a-kind “spark.”

Sativa pills, otherwise known as sativa cannabis capsules, resemble a standard supplement capsule. However, their contents are markedly different from what you’ll find in any capsule at your neighborhood drugstore.

Sativa capsules contain a blend of a refined cannabis extract, specifically from plants within the sativa category. The extract is paired with a neutral oil to support digestion. The blend is encapsulated and typically offered in varying concentration levels.

One of the many reasons that people opt for sativa capsules is the unmatched level of convenience. It simply doesn’t get easier than consuming cannabis in an easy-to-swallow form, requiring just a few seconds of your time and zero effort. Additionally, cannabis in capsule form doesn’t require the consumer to purchase any other supplies or equipment. Finally, capsules are highly discreet for those in need of a low-profile consumption method.

Although most sativa capsules contain just two ingredients – cannabis extract and oil – not all types are created equally. The quality of ingredients and the production method play a vital role in the quality of the final product.

Kindred Mind capsules are made with sativa plants cultivated at our very own grow operation, which allows us to keep a close eye on every stage of the process. Healthy plants free from pesticides and other synthetic ingredients are harvested with care at their peak potency levels, then brought to our extraction lab. There, Kindred’s highly-trained scientists use a range of innovative technologies and cutting-edge equipment to perform our state-of-the-art extraction process, which is 100% clean and free from BHO.

The extract is then blended with high-quality oil, providing a neutral taste that even the most discerning palates won’t mind. We formulate capsules with sativa cannabis extracts in varying dosage levels to offer options to suit a diverse range of consumer needs.

Sativa is often referred to as cannabis for those seeking a “head high,” with a long list of consumer-described benefits that frequently relate to a sense of mental wellbeing. Like any form of cannabis, the specific benefits of a sativa strain or product are highly individual – and only when you try sativa for yourself can you discover what it can offer you.

Ask virtually any sativa devotee about the advantages of sativa, and you’re likely to hear about a long list that includes:

  • Increased creativity: Whether you’re a creator by trade or simply enjoy art as a hobby, you may find that sativa supports your artistic endeavors. Consumers report a distinctly noticeable rise in creativity when they enjoy their sativa product of choice, and some even say that it’s their secret to overcoming writer’s block or any other creative obstacle.
  • Better focus: Do you need to sharpen your powers of concentration and focus on the task at hand? According to many consumers, sativa might be precisely the cannabis type you’re searching for. It is regularly associated with improved focus, productivity, and motivation, which can help you tackle your to-do list once and for all.
  • Improved mood: When you consider that the consumer-reported effects of sativa include feelings of happiness, reduced stress, and a pleasant burst of energy, it makes sense that so many people enjoy a good mood after consuming sativa. Because sativa appears to boost your serotonin levels, a renewed sense of positivity is an often-praised benefit.
  • Reduced anxiety and depression: Many consumers consider sativa their preferred method for treating anxiety and depression. They say it helps regulate their moods and tamper their anxieties, supporting a more balanced mental state overall.
  • An increase in energy: Rather than have that second cup of coffee, you might want to consider sativa as your favorite energy-booster. Consumers report feeling more energetic after sativa, making it a popular choice for daytime use.

In the world of cannabis, it is challenging to make a sweeping generalization about how a specific strain or product will make every consumer feel. However, sativa is widely reported to deliver a positive and uplifting experience to consumers, offering both mental and physical benefits that elevate mood, energy, and motivation.

You have likely heard from many people that sativa is a wonderful way to harness your creativity, strengthen your ability to focus, and generally feel happier. Ultimately, experiencing sativa for yourself will help you learn exactly how it may benefit you.

Sativa is often associated with uplifting and energetic effects. That being said, if you are interested in its potential benefits but want to avoid being kept awake at night, you do have options.

Everyone experiences cannabis differently, so you may find that sativa doesn’t dramatically alter your energy levels. Or, you may opt for a lower concentration level when shopping for sativa capsules. Aim to consume your sativa cannabis capsules in the morning hours if desired to minimize any potential lasting effects come bedtime.