Kindred Spirits come from diverse backgrounds. We are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, scientists, veterans, college graduates, lawyers, and lifelong cannabis enthusiasts. Some of us consume daily, some of us rarely, and some of us are purely advocates. Although we come from all walks of life, we are drawn together by cannabis. Our goal is to change the stereotype of the cannabis user by bringing to light the individuals who use cannabis in a respectful, high-functioning manner.


Kindred is so much more than just another cannabis company; we’re a community of individuals that share a true passion for the transformative potential of cannabis. Each of us brings something special to the table, incorporating cannabis into our lives in our way. But no matter how different we may be, we are all connected by our belief that cannabis can bring people together. 

We are Kindred Spirits. 

What is a Kindred Spirit?

A Kindred Spirit is a member of the Kindred community, an individual that’s discovered how Kindred cannabis products can enhance their lives in many ways. 

It’s a community made up of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, veterans, scientists, creatives, advocates, and others. Some of us enjoy cannabis daily, while others do so on rare occasions. Despite our differences, we are all united by a common thread: our humanness and an understanding of how cannabis can serve our wellness goals.

Gone are the days when cannabis consumers were pegged as outliers; now, a growing number of people understand that cannabis enthusiasts are respectful, high-functioning members of society who come from all walks of life. Together, Kindred Spirits are redefining the outdated stereotype of the cannabis consumer – and showing the world exactly how diverse the world of cannabis is.

You are a Kindred Spirit. We are Kindred Spirits. 

Meet Your Kindred Spirits

Even a few moments spent browsing our Kindred Spirits gallery proves that ours is an amazing, diverse community with so much to offer the world. Individuals of all ages, careers, interests, and lifestyles are a part of Kindred Spirits, each with a unique story to tell. As we walk alongside each other in our cannabis journeys, we invite you to get to know other Kindred Spirits.

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Be Featured Alongside Other Kindred Spirits

Are you a Kindred Spirit? If you’re a Kindred consumer with a passion for cannabis and an authentic belief in our mission, we would love to meet you. Click below to submit your information for a chance to be part of our Kindred Spirits movement – and be featured in an article on our website! 

Brian – Photographer | Cinematographer

My relationship with cannabis, like many in my generation, started at an extremely young age, but not quite how you would think. Growing up, I was involved with a myriad of sports including basketball, baseball, wrestling and motocross and I was also on track to earn my Eagle Scout accolades. Being involved in so many […]

Sonia – Law Firm Partner

I‘ve been using cannabis safely and responsibly as a daily supplement for over 25 years of my life. Cannabis helped me stay calm, cool, collected and focused as I graduated at the top of my class in college and law school, and earned high scores on multi state bar exams. It continues to help ease […]

Danielle – Restaurateur & Chef

I woke up to a lovely spring time Arizona morning.  The sun was flooding through my curtains and my bed was so comfortable.  I adjusted my pillow and started to roll out of bed. This time my legs did not move.  I tried again and then panicked just as any 13 year old girl would.  I […]


Kindred’s mission is to flip the stereotype of the cannabis user upside down by bringing to light the individuals who use cannabis in a respectful, high-functioning manner. If you believe in what we’re doing, click the button, we’d love to meet you.

CBD Capsules. Kaiskynet Studio. Kindred Grown Cannabis