Kindred Spirits come from diverse backgrounds. We are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, scientists, veterans, college graduates, lawyers and lifelong cannabis enthusiasts. Some of us consume daily, some of us rarely, and some of us are purely advocates. Although we come from all walks of life, we are drawn together by cannabis. Our goal is to change the stereotype of the cannabis user by bringing to light the individuals who use cannabis in a respectful, high-functioning manner.

Bret – Documentary Filmmaker | Teacher

Cannabis oh cannabis, a litany of virtues—- I’m home after cancer surgery and a day in the hospital, my discomfort floating in an opioid fog.   Dazed and addled, a few tokes of “Purple Arrow” cuts through the haze, offering comfort and soon after sleep, glorious sleep.  When I awaken, the opioids are history ‘cause my […]

Kelly – Interior & Product Designer

I am a San Francisco interior designer curating and creating chic + discrete products for the cannabis lover.  Here is my story… As a designer, my attention to detail, devotion to quality and pulse on the design world lead me directly into launching the ideal female cannabis lifestyle brand, KellyGreen. I believe in the power of […]

Cameron & Nick – Social Influencers

Cannabis is an absolutely incredible medicine. It has been five years since we started using cannabis and our lives have completely changed for the better. Cannabis has allowed us to start our own business, one of which wasn’t fathomable just a few years ago. We both run a cannabis collective blog called Just Another Jay, […]

Michael – Lawyer | Corporate Finance Strategist

I was a biological and medical sciences student at University when I had my first brush with cannabis. At the time, my initial thoughts related to cannabis usage were woven around misunderstandings and confusion as to why there was so much stigma around it, as compared to alcohol. I would often see friends and classmates […]


Kindred’s mission is to flip the stereotype of the cannabis user upside down by bringing to light the individuals who use cannabis in a respectful, high-functioning manner. If you believe in what we’re doing, click the button, we’d love to meet you.