Generally, people will experience effects within an hour after ingestion.

Capsules – about an hour after ingestion with results lasting 5-8 hours.

Topicals – about 5-15 minutes after application with effects lasting several hours.

Breath Strips – about 15-20 minutes after ingestion with effects lasting 3-4 hours.

Capsules – are available in 5mg, 20mg, and 50mg doses.

Topicals – are available in 250mg only.

Breath Strips – are available in 10mg doses only.

Body – Our indica series, spurs physical delight inducing total body relaxation with pain-melting euphoria.

The Body line is great for:

• Pain relief
• A great night’s rest
• Less stress
• Anxiety remedies
• Body highs
• Sedative effects
• Euphoria
• Tranquility
• Deep relaxation
• Nausea reduction
• Increased dopamine

Mind – Our sativa series ignites the spirit, providing a creative, uplifting and cerebral experience.

The Mind line is great for:

• Exploration
• Outside activity
• Productivity
• Late nights
• Energy boosts
• Cerebral highs
• Uplifting feelings
• Creativity sparks
• Increased focus
• Depression remedies

Although there are a lot of differences between typical edibles and the Kindred line of products, below are some of the important ones:

• Exact Dosages

• Discreet Dosing

• Cleanly Produced (CO2 extracted)

• Quality Tested

• Gluten-Free

• Vegetarian

There are a number of reasons why one might choose a capsule or breath strip over smoking cannabis. It may be because of the smell produced when smoking cannabis, the need for a device or delivery method for smoking flower, or maybe you don’t want to smoke, believing it to be unhealthy. It doesn’t need to replace smoking if you really enjoy that, but it certainly can become an alternative to when you can’t smoke by being a convenient and discreet way to dose.

Yes. Full spectrum means the cannabis concentrates that we produce preserves the full cannabinoid and terpene contents of the raw cannabis plant.



Keeping the product containers tightly closed and stored in a place where temperatures do not exceed 80ºF will greatly extend your product’s shelf life. All of our products have a shelf life rating of one year and will be good to use within that time if stored correctly.

Kindred products are available in the best dispensaries throughout the Phoenix area. Please follow this link to locate a store carrying Kindred near you.

Kindred Spirits come from diverse backgrounds. We are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, scientists, veterans, college graduates, lawyers and lifelong cannabis enthusiasts. Some of us consume daily, some of us rarely, and some of us are purely advocates. Although we come from all walks of life, we are drawn together by cannabis. Our goal is to flip the stereotype of the cannabis user upside by bringing to light the individuals who use cannabis in a respectful, high-functioning manner.

Are you interested in helping us change the social stigma surrounding cannabis? We’re looking for cannabis users/advocates from all walks of life to be a part of our Kindred Spirits campaign by being featured in an article on the Kindred website.

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Kindred Cannabis is pleased to provide wholesale cannabis products to Arizona state licensed dispensaries. We have over thirty different products available for medical marijuana patients, including flower, capsules, topicals and sub-linguals.

All wholesale products uphold the Kindred Cannabis standards and dedication in their cultivation, extraction and branding, including complete plant nutrition, pesticide-free flower and post-harvest perfection.

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