Jason Gann – Actor | Talking Dog | Entrepreneur

Jason Gann is an Australian actor, writer, executive producer and now entrepreneur. You may recognize him for his role as the title character in the comedy series Wilfred. Being a long-time user and proponent of Cannabis, Jason recently entered into the budding Cannabis industry with his own brand Wilfred Cannabis and was nice enough to speak with us about his experience with this amazing plant.

When did you first try cannabis? Describe the experience.

My sister shared a joint with me when I was 15. I didn’t feel anything. I started smoking again in my senior year of high school. It took about 8 sessions before I actually got high. It was electric.

What is your relationship with cannabis now?

I describe my relationship with cannabis as “spiritual” – I believe the plant has a soul, and that it’s a companion soul to the human soul. We’ve been on this journey together as partners on planet earth for many thousands of years. When I get high I feel like I’m hanging out with a dear old friend.

Does cannabis use help you in your professional career? If so, how?

I guess it’s impossible to separate the Wilfred character from cannabis – I was high when I concocted him – and Wilfred has been the biggest event of my career. So I feel like Wilfred was a gift to me, in a way, from cannabis. And reading the many responses from fans who say Wilfred changed their lives in such a positive way, it seems he’s been a gift to many.

What do you think is the most misunderstood opinion about cannabis?

I hate that it’s bundled into the same category as a bunch of other toxic bullshit like alcohol and opioids. Cannabis is a gift from Mother Nature, those other things are monstrosities designed to distort and escape reality. Cannabis elevates reality. It raises our consciousness.

What projects are you currently working on in the cannabis space?

I’m currently launching “Wilfred Cannabis Pre-rolls” in California. I’ve spent the past two years navigating the industry here, getting licensed, building a company from the ground up. I haven’t been this excited about a project in years. The pre-roll packs come in 7 x 0.5 gram pre-rolls (an 8th) of the highest quality outdoor flower I could find. We have plans to expand into Nevada next.

What excites you most about the future of cannabis?

I sometimes daydream of a time when cannabis is finally globally accepted, when society loses the criminal stigma that anyone alive in a time of prohibition will always feel. When our grandkids or great-grandkids take over this planet and the true healing, productive and enlightening powers of cannabis can be felt and explored by humankind. I think there will be a spiritual shift on the planet that we desperately need. That’s my dream anyway.

Jason’s beliefs around and vision for Cannabis, along with his actions in the industry make it crystal clear to us, he is a Kindred Spirt. Thanks Jason, and best of luck to you!

To learn more about Jason’s brand Wilfred Cannabis Pre-rolls go to www.wilfredcannabis.com