Eli Blanco | Beauty & Dream Dealer

Meet Eli, a ‘Beaty & Dream Dealer’ representative with Monet and the Founder of her organization SAME GIRL. Eli is the perfect representation of a Kindred Spirit with her love for cannabis, health, wellness and personal growth. Get to know Eli in our Kindred Spirits interview below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My is Elizabeth Blanco! Everyone but my Cuban mother likes to call me by Eli (eh-lee). My job title can be labeled as ‘Beauty & Dream Dealer’ as I represent the leading clean beauty brand, MONAT, and connecting their products and opportunity to the consumer, who is just like me.
SAME GIRL, that’s the name of my organization and our mission as like-minded human beings is to not remain the same. We aim to be consistently evolving and growing. Each moment, destination, each strain, are the tools we use to become better versions of ourselves. This is why cannabis. It is a part of my life as I use it for many different areas :: calming anxiety, amping creativity, decreasing inflammation.

How do you use cannabis in your daily life?
My daily routines change, as I cycle sync. A lifestyle in where I sync my routines (workouts, tasks, and meals)  based on which phase of my cycle I am in. However I will typically start my day with a toke or two, as I get into my morning routine: affirmations, gratitude, and meditation. During my luteal phase, where my hormones help me concentrate, so does my J. In my menstrual phase where my hormones may cause cramps, my J helps with the discomfort. In my follicular phase, where my hormones help my creativity, so does my J. During my ovulatory phase my hormones help me with energy to run, and a hit of my J really gives me that runners high – my favorite way to consume!

How did your relationship with cannabis begin, and how has it evolved?

I think my relationship may start off like that of many others! Innocently and for fun in my early twenties. It has been a past-time of mine that has allowed benefits to bleed into my personal and professional life. I’ve grown and was able to run in-ward in times of turmoil and my work has also creatively expanded to new levels, through the use of cannabis.

I wish others, even myself, knew more. I look to continue learning and educating consumers like me about the industry and the plants power. By partnering with Kindred Spirits, I know I can connect to those like-minded individuals that feel the SAME, and can share their knowledge with me.