David |  Owner at Boho Camper Vans

My relationship with cannabis is constantly changing and evolving. When I was younger, cannabis was a substance to “just get you high”. This was the narrative told to me through teachers, my parents, the media and even friends. I was told it was dangerous, bad, for lazy people and losers – a gateway drug to a life of addiction and problems. I didn’t believe these voices and continued to experiment, because I felt the only side effect was feeling better and I saw no harm in it.

It wasn’t until I got caught with marijuana by the police my sophomore year of college that I questioned my views on cannabis. The officer knocked on our apartment door after seeing us smoking a joint through our window. Long story short, I received a possession ticket (now expunged) after being searched, berated and even threatened jail-time. I was scared, worried about my future and ultimately disappointed in myself. I reflected on the voices from my youth; they tried to warn me. Were they right?

Fast forward after college and I was working for a media startup. My cannabis use was off and on, but there was still a sense of fear about it. One day an employee came in with a well-presented back of cannabis-infused swedish fish from a dispensary. This was something I had never seen before. It was professional, the ingredients were transparent and the dosing was easy to understand.

My mind was blown! Cannabis was evolving and I knew the world view was changing – I had to become involved.

After applying like a mad man to anything cannabis-related, a local dispensary hired me to help launch a new line of cannabis-infused products. The products needed a name, packaging, and go-to-market strategy. After a year of work, the Kindred brand was launched! It felt good to be part of the movement. The old days of ziploc baggies had been replaced with glass jars and silver roll-on applicators. The cannabis user evolved too – it’s lawyers, soccer moms and business owners to name a few. My views on cannabis evolved as well, it wasn’t anything to feel guilty about it. I saw for many, it was a compliment to a healthy body and mind.

I don’t use cannabis the way I used to. I see it as a tool for creativity and humility. My relationship with it is sparing, but influential. I started Boho Camper Vans after traveling the island of Maui in a camper van, complete with an 8th mids we bought off a local for $80. Smoking cannabis on that trip helped me dig deep into where I was and where I wanted to be – the short, overpriced bag I bought was worth every penny. After returning from the trip I was inspired to build my own camper van to travel in which led to the start of Boho. The rest you could say is history.

If you’re anti-cannabis, you’re living in the past man! You’re believing a bill of lies you’ve been fed… but you can change. I’ve seen lives changed for the better (including my own) from respecting its use. Cannabis isn’t for everyone, but everyone should be for cannabis.