Danielle – Restaurateur & Chef

woke up to a lovely spring time Arizona morning.  The sun was flooding through my curtains and my bed was so comfortable.  I adjusted my pillow and started to roll out of bed. This time my legs did not move.  I tried again and then panicked just as any 13 year old girl would.  I was alone; nobody heard me call out.  I used my arms to pull myself off the bed.  The pain in my back was electrifying.  I couldn’t reach the phone. I laid there for hours and cried.

Cannabis is a part of the fabric of my wellness.

This is when I met homeopathic medicine and eastern healing arts. My Uncle Mike taught me to find relief in meditation and moving my body. As a teenager and young adult I continued to suffer from debilitating back pain.  Again and again I would find myself in tears unable to move, paralyzed from pain.  Western doctors prescribed more opiates than I cared to swallow.  I pursued my passion as a community activist and Chef for the past 10 years. I chose to managing my pain the best I knew how without poisoning myself, which meant practicing qi gong, yoga, meditation and utilizing cannabis.  

I am a medical marijuana card holder in AZ.  Cannabis is a part of the fabric of my wellness. I am an active advocate for a sustainable food system, local farming, local viticulture and reshaping our relationship with real food.  I wake up each day with the ability not only to move my body but to move the bar further toward a better food culture.