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A Canna-mom Speaks Out About Anxiety Management

I never had qualms about the illegal status of cannabis while growing up in the Midwest and enjoyed smoking marijuana in my late teens. However, when I was 20 years old, one of my friends was murdered by a drug dealer. The event created some negative feelings about the illegal drug trade that kept me away from cannabis use for a long time. Nine years and two kids later, I found my way back to cannabis through the medical marijuana community, and for me, it has been a game-changer.

Managing Anxiety Like a Mom

Like so many others in our community, I suffer from anxiety. As a mother of two, I lead a busy life, and I cannot afford for anxiety to hold me back. I took multiple prescription medications for many years to manage my attacks, though I was never satisfied with the results.

After an extremely positive experience in California that reintroduced me to cannabis, I started exploring my anxiety management options. The idea of obtaining a medical marijuana card appealed to me, as it was a pathway to cannabis that eliminated the risks of the illegal drug trade. Once I received my card, I felt overwhelmed by my choices.

Integration with the Cannabis Community

I started my medical marijuana journey by getting in touch with the Arizona cannabis community. I attended canna-events around Phoenix, visited clinics, and learned about the different products and strains available. 

“I found that edibles and capsules are the most effective and best suited to my working-mom lifestyle.”

Armed with resources and knowledge, I settled on my preferred cannabis solutions for anxiety management. I work full time, so I was used to taking prescription medications daily. I found that edibles and capsules are the most effective and best suited to my working-mom lifestyle.

Kids, Parents, and the Cannabis Conversation

When talking to my two sons about cannabis, I take a medical approach. My son takes CBD oil every night, so we talk about the benefits of the plant. And my younger son, age 3, also understands the benefits. He actually tells me to take my “special medicine” when I feel nauseous from anxiety. He knows it makes me feel better.

I also talk candidly about cannabis with my parents. They have seen the benefits it has given both my oldest son and me and how I have been able to stop taking two prescription medications. I believe seeing that correlation with my evidence-based research helps break the stigma of cannabis being “just a drug.”

Looking to the Future

The range of products found in cannabis clinics is growing steadily, and the available options are exciting. I tell my friends who live in other states about products like Kindred breath strips, and they can’t believe the variety we have available. It makes cannabis an option for people from nearly any lifestyle.

About Britney

Britney Kaufman is a Registered Behavior Tech, part-time blogger and, most importantly, a mother to two. After moving to Arizona, Britney obtained her medical marijuana card. She has been able to substitute cannabis for the traditional prescription medication previously prescribed to her for managing anxiety. Through cannabis, Britney has regained her quality of life so she can keep up with her two busy boys!