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Body – Our indica series spurs physical delight, inducing total body relaxation with pain-melting euphoria.

Feel tension and stress release their hold over you, transitioning your physical self into a relaxed and sedative state. Kindred Body is perfect for soothing pain relief and late-night tranquility.

For Kindred Spirits Seeking:

• Pain relief
• A great night’s rest
• Less stress
• Anxiety remedies
• Body highs
• Sedative effects
• Euphoria
• Tranquility
• Deep relaxation
• Nausea reduction
• Increased dopamine



When you browse cannabis and cannabis products online or at your local dispensary, you will
often see items organized into three distinct categories: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Generally,
each of these three groups of cannabis refers to specific strains and products that share
similar characteristics.

Indica cannabis, or Cannabis indica ssp. Afghanica includes plants with broad leaves and a
stout shape. Discovered in the 1780s by a French naturalist named Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, C.
indica is a group that consists of many cannabis varieties enjoyed today. Within the indica
category, you can find a diverse range of subspecies, each one with its own story to tell and
ideal circumstances for consumption. Typically, indica strains contain a higher ratio of CBD to

THC, though there are variances from strain to strain.
Indica cannabis, also known as broad-leaf drug (BLD) cannabis varieties, is widely preferred
by consumers seeking full-body effects such as relaxation, stress relief, and a peaceful sense
of tranquility. You might hear indicas described as “nighttime strains,” recommended by
many for evening enjoyment.

Indica cannabis capsules are one of the most convenient ways to partake in the cannabis
experience, capturing all of the natural effects in a small, easy-to-take form. The ingredients
used to make cannabis capsules may seem simple at first glance: highly-refined cannabis
extract and neutral oil. However, the process by which the capsules are made – and the
quality of the capsule content – can vary widely from brand to brand.

Kindred Body capsules are made using cannabis cultivated entirely in-house, using an
innovative approach developed by the best and brightest minds in the industry. Our indoor
grow operation gives us precision-level control over the quality of our plants, which in turn
makes it possible to deliver products that meet our high standards.

Once the cannabis has been harvested, the process of manufacturing cannabis capsules
begins. In our state-of-the-art extraction lab, our team utilizes a 100% clean, BHO-free
extraction method. With our advanced technologies and expert scientists, the resulting
cannabis extracts are far and above the industry standard. As a result, Kindred extracts are
exceptionally potent, offering consistent dosing for every one of our products.

With the extract in hand, the next step is to infuse the capsules. Our Kindred Body cannabis
capsules are explicitly made with indica cannabis, with varying dosage options available.

Although every individual’s indica experience is unique, many cannabis consumers describe
the effects of indica as the ultimate relaxation. Indica cannabis is often associated with full-
body effects, pleasantly impacting both your mind and body.

According to many consumers, indica effects release you from physical and mental stressors,
supporting a gentle transition into a peaceful state of being. They say you will find yourself
freed from the constraints of pain and anxiety as you finally reach a level of relaxed euphoria
that you’ve always hoped for.
Other consumer-described effects of indica include:

  • A wonderful night of restful sleep
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • A boost in dopamine
  • Nausea reduction
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Tranquility
  • Body highs
  • Sedation

One of the best advantages of indica is its versatility. It lends itself wonderfully well to a broad
range of situations, serving consumers with unique goals, needs, and desired experiences.
Beyond being considered the first choice for anyone searching for relaxation, there are also
many other indica benefits to look forward to:

  • Relieving stress: All too often, we fail to realize the serious effect that stress has on
    our minds and bodies. Although we may feel mentally weighed down by the stress
    we carry, it’s common for the physical symptoms to go unnoticed. Symptoms such as
    aches and pains, headaches, nausea, muscle tension, and insomnia can frequently be
    attributed to stress. Thankfully, indica is said to be an exceptional antidote for many
    symptoms of stress.

The effects of indica are described as deeply relaxing, crossing the boundaries of mind
and body to guide you to a state of full-body Zen. As you feel your anxieties fade away,
you’re able to rebalance your mental and emotional well-being and focus on
decompressing. Simultaneously, the release of stress can be felt physically as well:
tension and pain melt away, nausea is reduced, and your limbs grow pleasantly heavy.
A gentle wave of dopamine washes over you, finally allowing you to find your inner

  • Helping to curb insomnia: Being unable to fall asleep at night, or finding deep sleep
    to be consistently out of reach, can have a domino effect on your entire life. The
    frustration of insomnia is mentally taxing, while the resulting exhaustion can make
    daily tasks feel impossible. You can find yourself barely able to keep your head above
    water at work, school, and even at home, desperately wishing for even a single night’s
    sound sleep.

Because indica is often preferred for full-body relaxation, it is widely enjoyed by
individuals who have insomnia. By alleviating mental and physical stress, indica can
prepare your body for sleep and even help you sleep deeply through the night. For
many, it’s a refreshing change from those wide-awake nights when rest seemed miles

  • Reducing physical pain: Whether you’re dealing with pain due to a specific injury or
    condition or simply have muscle soreness from a tough day at the gym, indica is
    regularly recommended by consumers for pain relief. It is said to be ideal for reducing
    acute pain, supporting muscle relaxation from head to toe.

If an intense workout has left you with serious aches, it might be helpful to try indica
as a way to relax in the evening. Depending on the intensity of your pain, you may find
that a certain concentration level is the right fit.

  • Fighting nausea: Has a medical condition left you with constant nausea? Or maybe
    you just have a sensitive stomach that’s prone to bouts of queasiness. Whatever the
    case, indica is a favorite for consumers searching for an all-natural remedy for nausea.

Consumers describe indica as an outstanding option for decreasing nausea, making it
possible to achieve an improved comfort level. For some, indica allows them to push
back on nausea just enough to enjoy a nutritious snack or meal comfortably.

You may find that indica cannabis capsules are useful in treating a condition or concern you
don’t see mentioned above – and if so, you definitely aren’t the first. Cannabis has shown an
impressive capacity for supporting the needs and goals of so many people, making it
worthwhile to try a few different forms and types of cannabis to see if they match your

Although indica is frequently described as the ideal type of cannabis for relaxation, that
doesn’t necessarily mean it will make you drowsy. Kindred Body capsules are offered in
several concentration amounts, so you may find that a certain dosage helps you relax
without inducing sleepiness.