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Jessie Gill | Registered Nurse / Mom / Entrepreneur

Jessie Gill is a Registered Nurse, a mother of two, and a cannabis advocate. After a freak accident left her with limited mobility and extreme pain in her neck, Jessie turned to cannabis for help. As a patient, she finally was able to manage her pain with great results – so much that she decided […]

Jason Gann – Actor | Talking Dog | Entrepreneur

Jason Gann is an Australian actor, writer, executive producer and now entrepreneur. You may recognize him for his role as the title character in the comedy series Wilfred. Being a long-time user and proponent of Cannabis, Jason recently entered into the budding Cannabis industry with his own brand Wilfred Cannabis and was nice enough to […]

Bret – Documentary Filmmaker | Teacher

Cannabis oh cannabis, a litany of virtues—- I’m home after cancer surgery and a day in the hospital, my discomfort floating in an opioid fog.   Dazed and addled, a few tokes of “Purple Arrow” cuts through the haze, offering comfort and soon after sleep, glorious sleep.  When I awaken, the opioids are history ‘cause my […]

Kelly – Interior & Product Designer

I am a San Francisco interior designer curating and creating chic + discrete products for the cannabis lover.  Here is my story… As a designer, my attention to detail, devotion to quality and pulse on the design world lead me directly into launching the ideal female cannabis lifestyle brand, KellyGreen. I believe in the power of […]

Cameron & Nick – Social Influencers

Cannabis is an absolutely incredible medicine. It has been five years since we started using cannabis and our lives have completely changed for the better. Cannabis has allowed us to start our own business, one of which wasn’t fathomable just a few years ago. We both run a cannabis collective blog called Just Another Jay, […]

Michael – Lawyer | Corporate Finance Strategist

I was a biological and medical sciences student at University when I had my first brush with cannabis. At the time, my initial thoughts related to cannabis usage were woven around misunderstandings and confusion as to why there was so much stigma around it, as compared to alcohol. I would often see friends and classmates […]

Ricki – Owner and Director

I have been using cannabis since my late teens as it helped with social anxiety. But today, and for quite some time, in my adult years I have used it more intentionally. When I first tried and continued pursuing cannabis it was for social purposes. It was a substitute while others drank because most alcohol […]

Kiki – Wellness Blogger | Marketing Consultant

I’m all about that healthy life. From sprouting grains and legumes, making nut mylks and kombucha, and of course growing my own herbs – I’ve always had a passion for nutrition and consciously nourishing myself with only the best of the best. Soon enough, that passion for nutrition turned into something a whole lot more…whole. […]

Dina – Business Owner | Creative Director

It wasn’t until I made my first proactive decision to use cannabis as medication that I truly understood its potential. I have two crooked discs in my lower lumbar and on occasion they pinch the nerves and it’s incredibly painful. I’ve seen a chiropractor, an acupuncturist and my primary care physician who has prescribed plenty […]

AJ – Entrepreneur

My name is AJ and I’d like to share my relationship with cannabis. But first, a little about how I got to this moment. I served eight years in the Utah Army National Guard and two in the Arizona Air National Guard. I spent twelve months in Ramadi Iraq and served in multiple capacities including […]

Anita – Microbiology Technologist

Hello, my name is Anita Sommers and I am joining the Cannabis team. I am a Veteran, Certified Microbiology Technologist, scientist, Certified Essential Oils Coach, and a 10-year patient with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). Recently, I have added the title of Founder and CEO, as I am starting up my own brand, CBD Genie. With integrity, […]

Mary – Great-Grandmother

I‘m 97 years-old and I’ve been in Arizona since 1951, but I’m originally from Mississippi. My husband was a doctor, and we moved around to Baltimore to John Hopkins and then Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN before coming to Arizona. All five of my grandchildren except two live in Arizona, and I have six great […]

Michael – Sales Manager

In 2006 I was involved in a devastating knee injury that ended my high school football career, doctors told me that it was a meniscus tear (which is a minor ligament in the knee cap) but it turned out to be multiple fractures, stress fractures, contusions and bone damage as well as multiple partially torn […]

Chris – Business Owner

My name is Chris. I own Hempful Farms Cafe Hemp Products and I’m the founder and creator of Zonka bars/OG Zonka Bars edible company, which was raided in 2012. Because of this raid, I am also a POW of the “war on drugs”. I have served almost six years between two terms in prison for […]

Brian – Photographer | Cinematographer

My relationship with cannabis, like many in my generation, started at an extremely young age, but not quite how you would think. Growing up, I was involved with a myriad of sports including basketball, baseball, wrestling and motocross and I was also on track to earn my Eagle Scout accolades. Being involved in so many […]

Sonia – Law Firm Partner

I‘ve been using cannabis safely and responsibly as a daily supplement for over 25 years of my life. Cannabis helped me stay calm, cool, collected and focused as I graduated at the top of my class in college and law school, and earned high scores on multi state bar exams. It continues to help ease […]

Danielle – Restaurateur & Chef

I woke up to a lovely spring time Arizona morning.  The sun was flooding through my curtains and my bed was so comfortable.  I adjusted my pillow and started to roll out of bed. This time my legs did not move.  I tried again and then panicked just as any 13 year old girl would.  I […]