Ashley Hoekstra | Small Business Owner 

Meet Ashley, owner and manager of Cha Cha’s Tea Lounge in eclectic Downtown Phoenix.  Ashley is the perfect representation of a Kindred Spirit with her love for cannabis, wellness and personal well-being. Get to know Ashley in our Kindred Spirits interview below!

What is your relationship with cannabis?
I am a daily medicator; I’ve been using cannabis since I was younger and it has always helped with social anxiety and keeping me relaxed during stressful times. Most people will drink alcohol to help them with social situations but that leaves me too dizzy-headed to function for long periods, and especially not an acceptable way to function at work! My business, Cha Cha’s Tea, helps people to live healthier happier lifestyles, and cannabis fits right in with that experience. It compliments my daily routine by keeping me level headed during a fast paced restaurant environment, and interesting customer & employee interactions.

How has cannabis improved your life?

Most recently it has been helping keep me relaxed during the pandemic and protests that were happening downtown and along the street my business is on. Cannabis has been a part of my daily life for years and the relaxing effects on my nerves has allowed me to achieve the dream of owning my own business. It has helped to keep me level headed during the years it took to accomplish. It has also helped during my exercise routine, keeping me motivated during intense workouts.

What is your favorite way to consume?

I’m a flower smoker and I enjoy edibles; choosing a form of cannabis that can be easily & discreetly used fits my busy daily life best. I can easily take a break to enjoy an edible and help put my head in a better relaxed frame of mind so I can continue growing myself and business daily.

What do you wish others knew about cannabis?

For many, it can really be a really good anxiety medication. Cannabis doesn’t really fit the stereotype it used to have, which was a stoney baloney experience. It keeps me motivated to accomplish my neverending to-do list!