Anita – Microbiology Technologist

Hello, my name is Anita Sommers and I am joining the Cannabis team. I am a Veteran, Certified Microbiology Technologist, scientist, Certified Essential Oils Coach, and a 10-year patient with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). Recently, I have added the title of Founder and CEO, as I am starting up my own brand, CBD Genie. With integrity, scientific mind, and an empathetic heart I’m proud to fight the good fight and educate the masses about the amazing powers of the beautiful cannabis plant using our very own biochemistry via the Endocannabinoid System.

My passion is driven by my own personal testimony and positive experience with cannabis. I started having symptoms of a UC flare up which includes fatigue, severe abdominal pain, fever, and painful and bloody mucoid diarrhea. These combined indicators always result in an immediate trip to the emergency room and a lengthy recovery. Who wants to talk about that?  It is certainly not an easy conversation, nor a delicate icebreaker. However, it is my reality and I want to talk about it. I want to share my positive experience about how cannabis has changed my life with everyone, even shout it from the mountain tops. It has given me my life back. My goal is to now educate and reinforce how the amazing cannabis plant works with our body’s own biochemistry.

I want to share my positive experience about how cannabis has changed my life with everyone, even shout it from the mountain tops. It has given me my life back.

After 8 years and 10 months in the United States Air Force, I attended Texas Tech University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, with a double minor in Chemistry and Spanish. I feel that I excel at signal transduction pathways. Understanding the compounds and how they fit together, lock and key, is a beautiful and powerful story. Lucky for me I was diagnosed with UC seven months into my collegiate career. Talk about “shitty timing,” pun intended. I empathize with those who suffer from life altering medical conditions. I understand the struggle.  I know what if feels like to want to give up.  I’ve been in that very dark, isolated place and know how very scary and lonely it can be. However, I believe it takes a very strong person to get up every single day and face the day knowing it could be a painful one.  We are the definition of resiliency.

After graduation, I worked in the microbiology department diagnosing infectious diseases at a clinical reference lab, and continue to do so on my free time. Once I realized I could put my laboratory and collegiate knowledge to use in the understanding of analytical testing of cannabis, I knew I could better explain the benefits for quality tested product and their compounds. I knew I had found my niche, something I could put my heart into because cannabis has given me my life back and I want to help others by getting involved.

I look forward to sharing my “crappy” story in hopes that I can help others going through similar struggles. I feel there needs to be an air of humor in this because realistically, life is short and no one gets out alive, but it can be made better through education about our choices for all-natural alternatives. We need to lead with science and explain why these compounds work. My career path and life experiences have brought me to this point, and I know this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I truly believe that this has become my calling and I am stepping up to the plate to help as many people as humanly possible.