Angelia Bombailey | Cannabis Advocate & Entrepreneur 

Meet Angelia, a Tennessee transplant, cannabis advocate & entrepreneur and meme-queen! Angelia is the perfect representation of a Kindred Spirit, sharing her love for cannabis, education, and personal well-being. Get to know Angelia in our Kindred Spirits interview below!

Why cannabis?

I have always enjoyed cannabis, but never really knew all the health benefits the plant provides. Four years ago, I had type 2 diabetes and was prescribed 15 different pharmaceuticals. I weighed almost 400 lbs. I slowly started to wean myself off of all the medications one by one and replace it with cannabis. Cannabis helps me be able to enjoy everyday life. It helps with pain so I can exercise, allowing me to lose almost 200lbs. It helps with my PTSD, depression and anxiety, without all the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Even my teenage children notice a huge difference in my mood and energy levels. It has truly saved my life.

What is your relationship with cannabis like and how has it improved your life?

To me, cannabis absolutely saved my life. With all of the health problems I have previously had, and the amount of pills I was taking, I sometimes wonder how I’m still alive. I know it’s my determination and cannabis that allowed me to become who I’m meant to be. I have lost almost 200 lbs thanks to cannabis. I would not only say it improved my life, but it actually saved my life. Being exposed to the cannabis industry has also introduced me to some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

How does cannabis complement your daily routine?

As someone who suffers from PTSD and severe depression, some days, it’s hard to get out of bed. With depression comes pain as well. For me, it is a daily medication. It helps me move past the pain on those hard days. It helps best right before I exercise. It gives me the pain relief and energy to get out and move!

What is your favorite way to consume?

I love edibles and concentrates. I will always have a special place for flower, but edibles help me control pain and depression throughout the day, without having to smoke so often. Concentrates are my go to for intense pain. That blast of high THC helps instantly.

What do you wish others knew about cannabis?

I wish people knew about the whole plant and its many, many benefits. There is so much more than THC and CBD! It’s not only about getting high, even though that part is very important for people with PTSD, in my opinion. It isn’t a gateway drug, but exactly the opposite. For so many, it’s the way out of addiction, myself included.