Kelly – Interior & Product Designer

I am a San Francisco interior designer curating and creating chic + discrete products for the cannabis lover.  Here is my story…

As a designer, my attention to detail, devotion to quality and pulse on the design world lead me directly into launching the ideal female cannabis lifestyle brand, KellyGreen.

I believe in the power of good design.  It changes your experience, the way you remember an event, that thing you do next, the lighting, the vibe, the memory.

I have spent 20 years designing beautiful spaces for my clients in San Francisco.  After taking a small roll as Creative Director for a Califonia cannabis brand, I found myself at events like the Emerald Cup and High Times events on a regular basis.  Those were wild times!  I was surrounded by hundreds of bold products and passionate cannabis business owners who’s brands, though perfectly effective, were less than visually appealing to me.

I would arrive home from an event with bags of new products.  I would talk to my girlfriends about what I had seen and what was happening in the cannabis space.  They were shocked, and of course, desperately curious.  In my pint sized Marina apartment, we would try the products I brought back from the shows.  We quickly found ourselves swapping our rośe for craft cannabis.

What we do within our homes, from cooking meals to creating an intimate cannabis experience, should be thoughtfully designed, down to the tray we roll our joints on.

I looked around at the cannabis industry and realized there was a true need for beautifully designed, female-centric cannabis accessories, discrete packaging and a solution to the shaming that is so often associated with cannabis and the people who chose to use the plant: education.

Because the cannabis experience starts with the sacred act of consuming the plant, the way in which we begin this journey matters. I realized that how I prepare for, store, carry and display my cannabis sets the stage for the act itself, which is generally experienced at home.

And so it began.  I spent years designing magazine worthy homes for people.  What we do within our homes, from cooking meals to creating an intimate cannabis experience, should be thoughtfully designed, down to the tray we roll our joints on.

I launched KellyGreen (products launching soon), a cannabis accessories brand for the chic + discrete cannabis lover.  Newbies welcome.

As we build the KG brand and launch for holiday 2018, you will find our products in boutiques and high-end dispensaries as well as online.  I will serve as brand ambassador for the other likeminded cannabis brands as well as creating high-quality, beautifully designed products under the KellyGreen label.

It’s as if Alan Moore took the words from my mouth when he said “I am always fascinated by beautiful things:  architecture, furniture, books.  Beautiful things are prepared with love.  The act of creating something with beauty is a way of bringing good into the world.  Infused with optimism, it says simply: Life is worthwhile.”


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