Mary – Great-Grandmother

I‘m 97 years-old and I’ve been in Arizona since 1951, but I’m originally from Mississippi. My husband was a doctor, and we moved around to Baltimore to John Hopkins and then Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN before coming to Arizona. All five of my grandchildren except two live in Arizona, and I have six great grandchildren and all but two live here as well.

I didn’t believe in taking medication and I never took any kind of medications my entire life including ibuprofen and tylenol, but I had been in pain a number of years and needed a solution. I didn’t know if it was arthritis or what, but when you’re 97 years old, you don’t always know what’s happening with your joints and you expect that.

My hands are kind of deformed, the knuckles are large and I still have a scar where I used to have a ring but I couldn’t get it off without tearing my skin. I can’t wear rings or anything anymore, but I don’t care about that. Just so long as I don’t hurt, that’s all I care about. I’ve given up wearing rings, I’ve been there and done that.

My perception of marijuana was “it’s what the kids are smoking and using to get into trouble”, but I didn’t know anything… that’s all I knew.

My hand pain was unbearable and I was desperate to find a solution. I reached out to friends who all wanted to help with their different ideas on remedies. I was given so many salves, and I tried all of them. None of them did any good.

Previously, I had never had any exposure to marijuana, I honestly knew nothing. My perception of marijuana was “it’s what the kids are smoking and using to get into trouble”, but I didn’t know anything… that’s all I knew. But when you’re not educated it’s easy to think that way, it’s really about education.

After learning a bit more I decided to give marijuana oil a test, after my son initially recommended it to me and brought me a sample to try, and I started putting it on my thumbs and eventually my entire hands. Needless to say, it stopped my hurting hands.

Now I use it every night, and I used to use it every day as well but at my care facility they constantly want us washing our hands to prevent colds from spreading. I have issues with that… I’d prefer to use it all day.

It’s such a nice thing not to be hurting, it really is, and you try to be nice and pleasant but if you’re hurting it makes it much harder. It is just phenomenal, and I’d love to know more about why it works, because it really has helped me. It’s been such a relief, I don’t know what I’d do if my son didn’t provide it for me… I guess I’d have to break in to where it’s made.


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